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Herbal Nômade 2.0: 


Herbal Nômade Emerging

In this project, multidisciplinary, enriching workshops are developed and offered to culture makers who have the need to explore and express their relationship with nature. A collaboration with Takaiúna and Ator Nômade, who are coming to the Netherlands from Brazil this year. Have a look at the workshops on offer and feel welcome to participate!


Emerging Dramaturgies
Writing with the body, in connection with plant-bodies

August 10th and 11th, 10.00-15.00 in Amsterdam at Treehouse NDSM

The workshop is offered for free, a small fee may be asked for the lunch. 

Limited spots, subscribe via:

Takaiúna shares the Emerging Dramaturgies method which she developed to create jointly with a community a script/dramaturgy from personal stories. This 8hour- workshop (divided in 2x 4 hrs) focuses on the inspiration we can get from the (mathematical) similarities between our bodies and plant-fractals. It consists of reflective and practical exercises. Participants will be led on a creative journey to explore the intersections between the human body and fractal patterns in nature. With macro and micro poetic movements, participants discover how fractal patterns can be recorded and expressed in the human body. From the language of movement we continue to form texts and write together.   


This workshop offers space for experiment, discovery and collaboration, promoting an interactive approach to physical and dramaturgical expression. Together we expand research of memory of plants and bodies in dialogue to provide new perspectives. 

> We have place for 12 participants in total: subscribe via

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About Takaiúna

Takaiúna is an artist, writer, director and actress from Goiás, Brazil. She is a descendant of enslaved people and comes from a family of traditional ‘benzedeiras’, who work with healing herbs. This gives her a unique view on the relationship with nature and ancestry which she incorporates in her work.         

Takaiúna has been working in the artistic field for almost 25 years. In 2016 she founded the collective Justina of community- and ancestral art. She has been involved in projects throughout various Latin-American countries and also in Palestine, Guinee-Bissau and Italy. 


Oct. '24
More info follows soon

> Personal Mythologies 

diversity in associations - universal connection? Exploring the expression of inherited stories and  associations in contemporary transmedia 


> The land: Sensorial perceptions, physical connection and in situ expression

> The walk: participation event

the observer becomes the performer. Within the human being, vegetal and geological parts are being liberated. Connecting intimately with the non-human environment, disappearing borders of dualities.

with Thiago Moura (Ator Nômade) and Annet Breure (Herbal Tales)

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