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Saturdays Nov 17th and 24th, 2019

15:00-16:30​ at Aromatic Pepiniere,

Lojou (route Scaer-Bannalec (D4), Finistere, Bretagne, France

10 euros per person.

Herbal Tales about the history, symbolism and use of plants. A delightful mix of interactive lecture and storytelling. Learn about the plants and how the are interwoven with human development and culture. Taste unexpected tisanes and you'll never look the same way again at the nettle, plantain and dandelion

Sun. 17th: Known but Unloved? Herbs in the hood. (nettle, plantain, dandelion, elder, mugwort)

Sun 24th: (Hi)Stories of Women and Herbs ('witch plants', lady's mantle, mary's thistle and more)

Please subscribe via aromatic29@gmail.com

Questions about content to plantenverhalen@gmail.com

This event is in english

za. 14 dec. 2019


Thema: winterse plantenverhalen (NIEUW! thema) 

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bij Natuurtalent in de yurt

Veldkersweg 50, Rotterdam

Wednesday Dec. 18th, 2019



Donation minimum 8 euros

more information will follow

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